Fighting Back

If you actually want to do something to ‘fight back’ then use proper crypto on websites you control and change any defaults to use HTTPS on websites you don’t control. There’s no excuse, it’s free. It took me about 20 minutes of fussing to move my sites over, and most of that was just fixing CSS to be protocol independent. After you’ve done some actual concrete steps to help communications privacy and identity verification you can set your twibbon and feel justifiably indignant. »


One of my favourite adverts on Japanese TV when we visited was for a travel company called Jalan. Their spokescat, Nyalan appeared to be a middle manager who after a hard days work needed to check-in to a middle of the road business hotel to chill out. I’ve recently discovered that he’s been branching out into other activities. ‘Classic’ Business cat Tiny luggage Cat takes onsen Tiny sidekick http://www. »


Getting things out on a deadline can be hard. In Assassins Creed 2 you’re constantly holding down B, even when you’re not. The idea came to make the blending system completely automatic, activating on its own depending on your proximity to the crowd. However, the coders weren't happy about the prospect of rewriting an important system within the game. The solution turned out to be astonishingly simple. "I'm at my desk thinking, why don't the players just hold the B button? »